Chars Retirement


February 10th, 2017 marks the 25th year that Char has been cooking the best food on Kettering Campus.  To Celebrate this milestone the undergrads have pooled together money to send her for a spa day when she comes in on the date of her anniversary.  We will also be taking Char out to dinner at Brick Street in Grand Blanc on her anniversary day. 


As an even larger gift to char I thought we could send her on a trip to some place she wants to see.  Char expressed intrest on wanting to go on a trip to Alaska.  We created a button on the bottom of this page for you to donate money to our get Char to Alaska fundraiser. Feel free to leave you Kappa Sigma and name with your donation so she can see who funded her trip.


Update.  Chars cook book is done and with my help she is trying to work with a publishing company to get it published.  Once the cook book is done we will begin taking orders for that.  If that many people are interested I can put together a pre order page.  The price is to be determined after publsihing. 



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