It's the time of year where we look toward the fresh faces amongst us and seek out those whom we feel are best suited to carry on the traditions and spirit of brotherhood that have kept the lifeblood of Theta Xi alive on the Kettering Campus for well over 50 years.  While formally, you may see this term on a short lived calandar of events, recruitment never ends.

Without a steady flow of new members, any organization is doomed to fail.  All of our employers rely on recruiting and even Kettering University would cease to exist without recruitment of high school graduates.  So while some critics of the Greek System view this time of year as a chaotic scramble of fraternities to fill their houses, we view it as an opportunity.  An opportunity for networking, an opportunity to meet new friends, and more importantly an opportunity to share with others the same college experience that those in the past extended to us.

 Qualities We Seek in a Potential Future Brother

1)  Concern for scholastic achievement
2)  Reasonable sacrifice of time
3)  Ability to meet financial obligations
4)  Gentlemanly personal conduct
5)  Respectful attitude toward Fraternity matters
6)  Support for the interests of brotherhood
7)  Extracurricular activities
8)  Acceptance of every member of the chapter as a BROTHER

                                     - The Men of Theta Xi