Parent Testimonials 

Below are some written testimonials from parents of current/alumni members who were more than anxious to share their opinions and feelings in the hopes of providing reassurance for any parents who may feel apprehension toward supporting their son's decision to join Theta Xi.


 "When my son (an only child) mentioned his desire to join Theta Xi, I was, like many parents, hesitant and concerned with the “fraternity” life on campus.   However, he quickly developed the strongest friendships and loyalties I’ve ever seen. Five years after graduation, these guys are the best of friends and support one another like true brothers.   The many life experiences he gained from living in a fraternity house and being a proud member of Theta Xi are too many to list. At the top of that list, however, would be his compassion for all kinds of people,  his leadership ability developed as Theta Xi president,  and his overall development as a responsible and dependable young man.  I am so very proud of him and can honestly say his Theta Xi experiences have made a very positive impact in his life and are a major contributing factor to his success today."       

                                                  - Joyce North


 "We are proud parents of our son who graduated from GMI. Due to the support, care and energy provided by Theta Xi our son graduated academically strong, professionally capable and socially prepared for a successful entry into the business world. He is now, in great part due to his fraternity, the President of his own successful nationally based company. We proudly recommend Theta Xi to all parents and families who may have concerns over fraternity experiences. The fraternity system is alive and well which compliments & supplements their fraternal members’ higher education preparing the brother for a successful and productive life."    

                                                - The Hon. Roger & Mrs. Roxanne Plichta






We understand that supporting a son's interest to join a fraternity can be one of the most daunting and difficult decisions parents can make during these college years.  The controversial history and the media depiction of fraternities of years past certainly has left its negative mark on college campuses across the nation.  It's safe to assume that nearly all parents feel a sense of uneasiness and doubt amidst the information made available to them. 

 In fact, most of our own parents had similar doubts, however as they watched their son(s) mature and develop through their years here at Theta Xi, they begin to appreciate what an amazing experience their son is a part of.  One of the largest points of "turn-around" for parents is visiting during our annual Parents Weekend held during the first term of associate membership.  Parents are encouraged to come visit the house, meet with other families, speak with alumni, advisors, and see first-hand their son's involvement in Theta Xi.  In addition to the Parents Weekend event, we always encourage parents  to visit throughout the school term.

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