The House - An Overview

Our Chapter house is situated south of Kettering University just west of the bend where University Avenue crosses the Flint River and turns into Sunset Ave.  Situated next to our neighbors, Lambda Chi Alpha, our house was built in 1968, and has been home to over 900 Theta Xi alumni during their college careers at Kettering/GMI.  The house spans 12,000 square feet of living space, across 2 floors, with 23 bedrooms providing a full living capacity for 54 men.  We have three large bathrooms with a total of 10 showers and 12 sinks plus one bathroom reserved for ladies-only located off the main foyer.  Our Kitchen is equipped with commercial grade stainless steel appliances.  All bedrooms feature private study desks, chairs, lighting, shelves, phones, cable, and network connections.  The entire house is air conditioned and all rooms are smoke-free.

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