Beyond the 7 highest levels of house leadership outlined in the officers roles/responsibilities, there is a second layer of house leadership that supports the various functions and activities that keep Theta Xi operating like a well oiled machine day in and day out. Each of the positions outlined below are appointed by the Vice President based on prior leadership demonstration, personality strengths, and interests of the individual members.   Once all committee head positions have been filled, the Vice President will assess the needs of each committee and work with each chairmen to fill support positions within each committee such that every active member has a delegated responsibility within a committee. During times of low membership, the Vice President may elect for some chair positions to remain dormant in the interest of supporting roles that have higher value to the Fraternity. Likewise, he also has the ability to create "Special Committees" to execute temporary tasks and projects.

Risk Management Chairman: Oversees risk management education for the chapter. Ensures that educational programs are planned and organized prior to the academic term and as deemed necessary or required. Advises the president of any violations or potential violations of the Risk Management Policy (to include the Fraternity’s and University’s policies). Develops educational programs each year to ensure that a variety of topics are introduced to the chapter 

Membership Educator: Provides the chapter with primary educational resources to broaden and enhance members’ knowledge of the Fraternity, campus and community. Utilizes various resources (e.g., Fraternity and campus programming, guest speakers, etc.) to educate the full membership. Is responsible for the educational process for all Associate Members, ensuring adherence to the Core Education Program (Alpha Nine). 

Social Chairman: Develops, schedules, and oversees social activities for the chapter. Ensures that the chapter’s social calendar supports the goals and purposes of the chapter and Fraternity. Provides guidance and direction to committee members. Communicates with other chapter officers and chairs to ensure appropriate scheduling, planning, organization, and preparation of events. Follows and enforces all risk management policies of the chapter, Fraternity, and college/university. 

Recruitment Chairman: Provides direction, supervision, instruction and support and oversight of the chapter’s recruitment program. Meets and corresponds with prospective members and their parents, as necessary. Maintains an awareness of demands and expectations of the market for greater concentration of the chapter’s recruitment efforts. Develops and maintains all recruitment publications. Develops new and improves upon current recruitment programs. Provides timely updates to the chapter membership. 

Public Relations Chairman: Develops better public understanding and support, both internally and externally, for Theta Xi using every available means (i.e., news media, campus/community speakers, personal contacts, publications, on-campus events, etc.). Serves as the official spokesman for the chapter or advises the chapter president when dealing with issues related to the college/university and public. 

Kitchen Steward: Directs the operational, financial, and planning function of the chapter’s kitchen facilities.  Communicates with the kitchen staff regarding operations, ordering of food, special events, etc.

Athletic Chairman: Ensures that the chapter participates in campus sports.  He is responsible for attending league meetings and communicating rules/schedules to the rest of the chapter.  Manages all sports equipment, including the ordering of jerseys and recommends to the executive board any purchases to keep equipment updated.  

SPC Chairman (Special Projects Committee): Reports directly to the house manager serving the purpose of leading "special projects" of house improvement and beautification. Past projects have included; painting base molding; repairing drywall; and building book shelves). The SPC chairmen is typically a training role for a member who wishes to run for House Manager in a future term. 

IT Systems Chairman: Ensures that the house computers and network system are maintained and operational.  Additionally he manages all updates to the chapter website.  

Publications Chairman: Works directly with the secretary to write, edit, publish, and distribute a bi-annual alumni newsletter titled "The Growl." 

Memorial Award Chairman:  Manages the forms, communication, documentation, and filing of the Theta Xi Memorial Award application (National award honoring outstanding chapters across the country). 




2016 Commitee Chairmen


Risk Management Chair:  Ethan Nye

Membership Educator:  Matt Gee

Social Chair:  Mitch Marcotte

Recruitment Chair:  Dean Hass

Public Relations Chair:  Ethan Holper

Scholarship Chair:  Austin Gillim

Legacy Chair:  Dean Hass

Kitchen Steward:  Brandon Cobb

All other positions filled as needed within committees



Risk Management Chair:  Lucas Sweet

Recruitment Chair:  Andrew Hallead

All other positions filled as needed within committees


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