Charlene Young

House Cook:
1993 - ???

Theta Xi is the proud employer of Charlene Young, house cook for ?? years.  It takes a great deal of patience and love to keep putting meals on the table twice a day for the men of Theta Xi and their guests. Char is the inventor and purveyor of her world famous "TX Chicken" and its arch enemy "Diablo Chicken."  In addition to some of the favorite dishes, she actively seeks new menu items and encourages feedback to learn more about members likes and dislikes. In between meals, Char can be found reading the paper and offering sage-like advise to passing brothers, mostly regarding women.  The highlight of every Theta Xi man's college career is his "Senior Dinner."  During the final term of college, Char will allow each of the graduating seniors to select one night in which she will prepare a meal of choice.  The honored brother usually spends most of the day helping Char prepare the meal, as well enjoying some quality time together.  Char has been cooking for Theta Xi longer than any other fraternity cook on campus.  It is a testament to her strengths in the kitchen as well as the respect which she is given by the men she feeds.  Char we hope you continue putting up with us for another 20 years!!





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