Officers and Their Roles

What if the Dean of Students needs to meet with a representative to discuss changes in campus policies? What if the boiler cracks? What if the cook retires? What if a member of the house doesn't pay their dues? What if there's a conflict with another fraternity?  These are all scenarios Theta Xi has faced in past years that require a pre-defined team of leaders to address. That team is called the Executive Board, or Officers.

 The highest level of leadership within the house is typically held by those who are upper-classmen, and have served as committee heads and/or lower level officers in previous years.  It is necessary that these 6 individuals have a strong understanding of the house operation as well as strong interpersonal and leadership skills to manage the rest of the membership.  It is of the highest honor to be elected to an officer position, demonstrating that your peers recognize the strength of leadership skills you have developed here at Theta Xi. 

Exec. Board  Responsibilities

 President:  Serves as senior chapter officer and carries out the multiple responsibilities involved in the leadership of the chapter.  These include goal-setting and evaluation, organizational planning, policy development and implementation, and cooperating with other campus leaders to assure the healthy development of the chapter and of the Greek system.

 Vice President:  In the absence of, or at the discretion of the President, he acts for the President to lead and direct support functions important to the welfare and effectiveness of the chapter.  This includes problem solving, reviewing committee operations, directing committee chairmen, and advising the President on various operations of the chapter.

 Treasurer:  Acts as the business & finance officer for the chapter.  Supervises income and expenditures that include financial reporting, planning and budgeting, and oversees and maintains interest-bearing accounts. 

 Secretary:  Conducts the chapter’s written (and electronic) communications with Fraternity Headquarters, alumni, campus administration and the campus community.  Encourages Alumni involvement with each other and the chapter.  Provides appropriate and timely correspondence to alumni, undergraduates, friends, and other supporters of the chapter.

House Manager:  Plans, coordinates and oversees projects, activities, and daily duties that ensure the chapter house and grounds are maintained in good condition and in an attractive manner.  Maintains chapter facilities and ensures the chapter properties are in satisfactory working condition.  Schedules necessary “work parties” for the chapter membership and alumni to ensure the facilities are regularly maintained, cleaned and attractive.

Public Relations Chairm:  Leads the chapter's philanthropic and community service efforts using his committee to plan and execute events geared toward service and conveying the message of Theta Xi to those at Kettering, in the community, and beyond.

Scholarship Chairmen: Serves as the chapter’s academic officer with primary responsibility for understanding and seeing that the chapter complies with the chapter’s, Fraternity’s, and institution’s academic standards.  Reviews and makes recommendations to the president for academic programs and budgets.  Oversees scholarship programs and related budgets for the chapter, study resources, and scholarship awards. 

Comptroller:  Primarily responsible for developing and managing the chapter budget.  Assists the Treasurer in various financial transactions and management.  A member holding the Comptroller position will typically advance to the Treasurer seat the following year.


Executive Board

A-Section Officers:

President:  Ben Fick

Vice-President:  Cameron Stadler

Treasurer:  Matt Gee

Secretary:  John Kish

House Manager:  Matt Hoskins

Public Relations Chair:  Rich Gamble

Scholarship Chair:  Ethan Holper

Comptroller:  Brendan Book


B-Section Officers:

President:  Lucas Sweet 

Vice-President:  Andrew Hallead

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