Distinguished Alumni

Recipients of the Chapter Distinguished Alumni Award are as follows along with a few of their many accomplishments.

Hughes.jpgLou Hughes   KS254  - 
Awarded May 1997
- President of GM International Operations
- Chairmen of Saab Division
- Board Member of Deutsche Bank
- Board Member of Electrolux Appliances
- President / COO Lockheed Martin
- MBA from Harvard
- Led US State Dept. Afghanastan Reconstruction

Plaskett_T03.jpgThomas Plaskett   KS17  -  Awarded Nov. 1997
- CFO of American Airlines
- "The Father of the Frequent Flyer Program"
- President & CEO of Continental Airlines
- President & CEO of Pan-Am Airlines
- CEO/CFO of Greyhound Lines Inc.
- Member of Kettering's President Counsel
- MBA from Harvard

jsmith.jpgJohn F. Smith  KS349  -  Awarded Sept. 1998
- Vice President of GM Corporate Planing 
- General Motors Secretary of Executive Committee
- Vice President of GM Cadillac Division
- Vice President of GM North American Sales
- President of Allison Transmission
- National Board of Directors for Boy Scouts
- Board of Directors for United Way of Detroit
- MBA from Harvard

bio_hancock.jpgDan Hancock  KS344  -  Awarded Nov. 1998
- Vice President of Engineering GM Powertrain
- CEO of Fiat/GM Powertrain
- President of Allison Transmission
- Vice President of Global Engineering GM
- Chairmen of the Society of Automotive Engineers
- Masters of Engineering from MIT

Phil_Motz.gifPhillip Motz  KS171  -  Awarded May 1999
- Delphi Technical Fellow
- Hall of Fame Member of National Co-Op Assoc.
- Kettering Circuits DesignLab named in his honor

db.JPGDave Boerger  KS294  -  Awarded May 2001
- Director of Quality Ford Motor Co
- Vice President/General Manager of Visteon Powertrain
- Vice President of Powertrain Systems Ford Motor Co
- Director of Sport Utility Vehicles Ford Motor Co
- Mayor of Orchard Lake Village, Michigan
- Consultant: S.Eastern Michigan Counsel       of Government (SEMCOG)
                                 - MBA from University of Michigan
                                 - Executive Develoment Training from Duke / MIT /

eagle1.jpgMike Eagle  KS221  -  Awarded Sept. 2005
- Vice President of Manufacturing Eli Lilly & Co
- Board of Directors XTENT
- Board of Directors Micrus Endovascular Corp
- Vice President of Trustees Kettering University
- CEO of IVAC Corporation
- Masters of Industrail Management from Purdue
- Deans Senior Advisory Counsel at Purdue

Hamilton.jpgJames Hamilton  KS460  -  Awarded Oct. 2008
- Vice President of IT at Kettering University
- Kappa Sigma Chapter Advisor




Recipients of the National Order of the Unicorn Award are as follows:

Arthur D. Ickes  '69

Dr. Ronald L. Smith  '60


           The Award

From time to time we honor chapter alumni who have reached career and personal milestones that serve as an inspiration to brothers and fellow alumni.  These men are among the elite graduates, not just from Theta Xi, but from GMI/Kettering University.  To active members this award serves as a reminder that our chapter has a strong heritage in leadership, and amongst us live the leaders of tomarrow.   

    Order of The Unicorn

The order of the Unicorn is an award at the national fraternity level that signifies the highest level of honor to be conferred upon a member of Theta Xi.  In order to receive recognition with this honor, the recipient must have provided prolonged and invaluable service to the Fraternity, as confirmed by the National Grand Lodge, and voted upon at the floor of a national convention.  Only 50 men out of the 45,000 national alumni have been honored since the award was established in 1939.  The Kappa Sigma Chapter is proud home of (2) recipients.

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