Los Tres Amigos to the Rescue!

By: Weldon Tom Blakeslee KS338 - House Trustee   

     I would like publicly to thank the 3 amigos. They are John Oldani KS 331 , Joe Wanamaker KS 391 and Gary Noordhof KS 333 and I understand they receive long distance support from Gary Sarchet KS 368. These brothers have been involved in repairing some things that money can’t seem to buy.

     For almost a year, I had been trying to get the stove fan repaired. Several repairmen have been on the roof, most complained about the wasps, seemingly dangerous electrical issues, bad bearings, broken belt and a fan too old and beyond practical repair. The undergraduates had taken a shot at bearing replacement, but needed help. I had been discussing the renovation campaign with John and he pointed out that some of the “older” brothers had time on their hands, so if something came up they were willing to take on some tasks!

     The latest chapter of the fan was a mechanical contractor said they could replace it, including new roof curbing, for $2500!!!  New path:  Time to call John. The three amigos met up at the house late in the summer and assessed the situation. John called in some new bearings, a new fan belt and a section of new wire cable.  Weeks later we met up on a hot summer day and after a few hours the fan was almost as good as new!   While there enjoying lunch with the undergraduates, Char mentioned she was having some issues the pilot lights. The three amigos to the rescue again!!

     Early in October, Junior the current B section president called about a fire we had in the stove. The company that normally does some of our repairs said they couldn’t work on the stove because it was too old. A call to John, a call back from Gary and the three amigos were on it!! The stove still has issues and of this writing, the thermostats in the ovens seem to be a source of constant irritation, but there is little doubt if it can be fixed these guys will get er done!  I probably should also mention they repaired an ongoing leak below the kitchen sink, and also replaced the light above the stove that had been out for a long time!!!  No wonder Char loves these guys almost as much as I do!!  John emailed last night saying what was next?  Still contemplating the answer to that question. 

Moral of the Story:  Although many of the rennovation projects are larger scale expensive repairs, there are always smaller scale projects that brothers and alumni can volunteer to attack.  If you're interested in following in the Tres Amigos footsteps, contact me!




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