The Kappa Sigma Scholarship Endowment Fund


In 2009 the alumni board created a separate entity for the creation and management of a perpetual scholarship endowment fund.  The purpose of the endowment fund is to build a substantial financial resource from which annual interest can be used to provide future scholarships to the active members of Theta Xi.  The program was launched in 2010 with a small group of alumni donors as a trial and is now ready for large scale alumni involvement.  The simplified calculation model below shows how this adds up over time leading to exponential growth.

1200 alumni at a 25% enrollment rate = 300 donors                                       300 Donors x $30 avg monthly donation = $9,000 p/mo  or  $108,000 p/yr

At the rate above, in less than10yrs the fund will achieve $1,000,000 generating nearly $20,000 of interest to be used for annual scholarships.

The preferred collection method of the fund is a monthly deduction from the donor's credit card. The collection is managed by a professional finance firm (Blue Pay) with security encryption equivalent to any reputable online banking system.

Donors are encouraged to contribute a deduction amount that is relatively transparent to their monthly income.  To enroll in the program, follow the link below and fill out the secure billing form.  For more information feel free to contact any of the board members listed in the column to the right.

Endowment Fund Board Members

      Patrick Dunbar

      Robb Szybisty

       Nick Stopher



            2012 Stats

Starting Balance:     $5500

Alumni  Enrolled:        20

Monthly Collections:   $400


         2012 Goals

Alumni Enrollment:   60

Monthly Collections:  $1500 



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