Chapter Housing Renovation 

 Dr. Ronald L. Smith Memorial Fund

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Dear Brothers,

We hope you received our letter in the mail and you are now ready to help this house get back on its feet.  If you did not receive a letter and are visiting the website or heard about our fundraising efforts, a pdf version is attached below.  If we have good contact information for you, you should receive a call and/or email over the next couple weeks. If not, please consider making a donation now by printing and mailing a form below.

We are pursuing two funds to accomplish our goals. We have an Educational Account with National and a construction fund locally managed by a construction board. Why two accounts?  Without getting into too many details, the IRS limits the amount of money we can receive as a grant from your tax free donation to the National Education account.  As an alumni board, we would like to minimize our loan commitments with National and maximize our available resources so we can act quickly.

The Educational Account with National is a tax-deductible account, while the local construction fund is not.  While we cannot dictate how you allocate your generous donation, we recommend donating 20% to the National Education Fund and 80% to the Kappa Sigma Chapter Construction Fund so that we can accomplish our goals.

Our house needs a minimum of $300,000 in repairs, while a whole house renovation would run almost a million dollars or more. That is a lot of money, but we have strength in numbers to accomplish our goals. We have initiated over 1300 Kappa Sigma brothers and with that strength we can tackle this challenge.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to become a class champion to help organize donors, please contact Greg King at (248) 981-9040 or

This web page will be updated on our fundraising efforts and the projects we have been able to undertake, so please visit often.

Fund-Raising Committee

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  Top Class

A new class of men have opened their pockets and unloaded a healthy sum of cash to attain the title of “Top Class”.  During the dinner presentations following the alumni golf outing on June 9th, members from the B-section pledge class of 1998 presented the alumni board with a check in the amount of $6,300 in support of the Ron Smith Memorial Construction Fund.   The class donated in honor of their pledge brother Jody Hoop (KS 1157) who passed away last year.   Following the presentation, 2 more alumni in attendance offered $100 cash to add to the collected sum in honor of Brother Hoop with a promise for a larger donation in the near future.  The 9 contributing members from the class of 1998 were:  Steven Broadbent, John Catalogna, Pat Dunbar, Cortland Plichta, Joe Stemmer, Robb Szybisty, Jared Vinson, Jason Wood, and Zach Zukowsky.

If Brother Hoop were with us today, he would indeed be taunting (in his own colorful way) the rest of the alumni base to top his class' donation and support the Fraternity.  Step up and make your class the next Top Dogs!




        14Jan13                  Fundraising Status

  • Total Raised = $75,471.10
  • Dec. Donations = $3,550
  • Top Donation = $8,000
  • # of Donors = 103

Projects Complete

Stop the Rec-Room Flooding - Fixed April 1st 2012.  (click to read how!)

Kitchen Exhaust - Fixed September 2012 (click to read how!)

Foundation Repair - Fixed October 2012 (click to read how!)

Fundraising Goals

  • $500,000
  • 80% Non-Tax-Deductible
  • 20% Tax Deductible


Donor Honor Roll

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