No April Fools!  No more Rec Room Flooding!

By Weldon Tom Blakeslee KS 338- House Trustee

      Last spring the Flint River crested at road height in front of our house after several days of heavy rains. The old golf course was now part of the river, the flow of water to the city sewer drains was stopped, and the only remaining place for the water to flow was into our rec room.  B section couldn’t keep up with the incoming water from the catch basin and when the flooding stopped, there was several inches of standing water on the tile floor.

     As the new house trustee I was determined to prevent this from happening again. I discovered that the flooding was a common occurrence over the years. However, there didn’t seem to be any knowledge transfer, most believed it was unpreventable and how it was with the “old house”.  All I knew was “back in the day”, it never happened!

     As we were once all engineers, my suggestion was to “hire an engineer” to help determine a solution to prevent future flooding. The system was designed for the water to flow down the parking lot into the drains, collect into an 8 foot deep manhole, and then flow to the street sewers. The problem? Only a few inches of elevation exists from the bottom of the manhole in the parking lot to the city sewer inlet.  So during a period when a high volume of rain water occurs, or the drain lines are somewhat clogged, or when for any reason the water doesn’t drain quickly to the street, the parking lot manhole fills up with water. Once the parking lot manhole fills up with water, that water would flow into the drain in our patio outside the rec room due to the head pressure of the manhole, and finally into the rec room.

     The solution was to install a back flow preventer on the catch basin drain line in the rec room patio. During the last week of March, a back flow preventer was installed, the patio concrete was replaced, all the drains lines were cleaned and a new sump pump system was installed. The work was being completed on the Saturday 31, the last day of March. The night before Flint had experienced some very heavy rains. Upon inspection in the morning, water was flowing in the manhole, the patio drain level was as expected and the sump pump was working. So indeed no April fool’s joke, the flooding has been stopped!

     This project was approved and funded by the alumni committee. This is the first phase of many to upgrade and renovate our house. You can help us by doing your part by making a donation to the construction fund. If you have any questions please contact me.



                 Familiar Sight?



        Back Flow Preventer Installed



              New Concrete Poured

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