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Jack Spyker's Lounge

Jack Spyker's lounge, fondly known as "Spyke's" serves as the social epicenter for the living members.  Have a spare 15min before rushing off to class?  Chances are there're guys in Spyke's hanging out.  Need a quick study break in the evening?  You're sure to find some company down in Spyke's.  On an average night, Spyke's ressembles everyone's favorite dive/corner bar.  Normally, you'll find people watching TV, participating in poker/euchre games at the card table, or just hanging out.  But from time to time, you'll find a friday/saturday night where the music is cranked and Spykes is so packed, people are dancing on the bar and the tables and chairs have to be removed to make more room.

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